Ben Eine – ‘We Rock The Hardest’ at San Francisco. Image via Arrested Motion.

Hi, I’m Mr. Mister – every man’s best friend and bringer of male focused accessories and lifestyle goods. If in need for ‘something’ that will set you apart from the crowd, Mr. Misterhas it, or at least knows where to find it. Invited here by the lovely Dana, I thought I’d step away from my world for a minute and speak about one of my other loves – street art.

As we’re dealing with spaces and interiors (which are a yellowtrace speciality) I thought it a fun chance to delve into a world that fascinates Mr. Mister. Having curiously engaged in street art in some way or another over the years, Mr. Mister has grown to love the rebellious ‘artform’ which has become notorious for engaging an audience by defacing, destroying, or in my thoughts beautifying public property. Regardless of the method used, the shock value is priceless and the public reaction really dictates if it is successful or vandalism, just have a look at Banksy and Shepard Fairey as examples of this.

Coming a long way from a simple ‘scribble’ on a wall with a marker, street art is well and truly a part of our day to day. While old school graffiti artists may turn their noses at the mere thought of their work being called art, there are people out there looking to beautify, as opposed to vandalise, our streets and here is Mr. Mister giving them a mention.

Here are a few artists that have caught Mr. Mister’s eye of late and some which he has been following for a while, why? Well basically because they either made me smile or they have got a reaction in some way or another, in my books anything that makes people smile has to be a good thing.

Hope you enjoy and appreciate the work as much as I do…

Mr. Mister.

Before I Die – Abandoned house in New Orleans turned into a giant chalkboard where the residents can write their life-long dreams. Installation artist and urban planner Candy Chang. Images via freshome.

Yarn bombing – a phenomena previously featured on yellowtrace, makes everything warm and fuzzy – literally!  Top image via agataolek, making US news on CNN. Other images via woostercollectivehere and here.

Mental 312 – decorating walls with fantastic line work popping up more of late. Image via woostercollective.

Cornelius Brownstreet signs & crate-men. For years they have been creating cratemen around the country.

Vhils – murals with dynamite (previously mentioned on yellowtrace, but now has a totally awesome video.)

*You guys – this is Dana. I am having trouble embeding videos, it’s driving me crazy. Image above is of the stills from the video which you simply have to watch. It’s amazeballs! Click here now.

Ok. So… Did you click on that video? Seriously, do we need to talk? DO IT!

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    Agreed, awesome vid. And totally have to agree with the above – anything that brings a smile to peoples faces definitely has to be a good thing.


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