monobloc rocking chair

Monobloc Rocking Chair by Bert Loeschner.


Monobloc waterproof chair

Monobloc Waterproof Chair by Bert Loeschner.


mono bloc valet chair

Monobloc Valet Chair by Bert Loeschner.


Monobloc chair hitchhike

Monobloc Hitch-hike by Bert Loeschner.


Monobloc chair urban toilet

Monobloc Public Toilet by Bert Loeschner


monobloc dudes

Monobloc Dudes by Bert Loeschner.


Monobloc chair sculptures by artist Bert Loeschner is a project that breathes new life into banal white plastic chairs. Loeschner‘s project examines the role of the “infamous garden chair” in contemporary design culture. The artist uses heat to modify the chairs into striking sculptural pieces that are sometimes functional, and absolutely always witty and clever. 10 points from me!

Original Monobloc chair was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1967. Since then it has been produced and reinterpreted many times the world over, eventually becoming the most common and most recognised lightweight stackable plastic chair on the planet.

monobloc memorial

Monobloc Memorial – Sketches by Bert Loeschner.


monobloc la chaise

Monobloc Le Chaise – Sketches by Bert Loeschner.


monobloc deconstruction

Monobloc Destruction – Sketches by Bert Loeschner.


monobloc piano chair

Monobloc Piano Chair – Sketches by Bert Loeschner.

[Images courtesy of Bert Loeschner.]

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