Inspired by the visually rich language in Chinatowns of San Francisco and Vancouver, the architect-designer team MRDK have brought to life a clear design story to the Miss Wong Restaurant in Laval, Quebec.

The final result incorporates recognisable elements such as hanging lanterns, vibrant neon signage and the classic folding scissor gates which enhance the overall atmosphere and a lively experience within the interior.

Entry to the restaurant is through a low ceiling and vintage Chinese arch framing a portrait of Miss Wong herself, leading visitors into the central space that measures just over 900 square metres with 7m tall ceilings.

Space is divided symmetrically by two bars and sections of raised seating. Hanging on the columns are six large neon and lightbox signs advertising fictional shops. These signs and the custom lamps on the tables create a street market like ambience.

The main section then breaks off into four different zones that surround it. These are smaller in scale, helping to create intimacy within the larger space. Each of the four zones has their own unique character, allowing diners a different experience each time they visit.

One of these areas is a recreation of a Chinese pergola. Another is inspired by a Chinese opium den, with a green carpet, and a ceiling covered in glowing lanterns. Custom designed lights and stools give the space an entirely unique character.


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[Images courtesy of Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design. Photography by David Dworkind.]


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    That is without a doubt a wow design. It truly reminds me of an over the top outdoor dining space in China.


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