When international property developer Landream decided to set up shop in the new Australian Institute of Architects building on Melbourne’s Exhibition St, it was evident the space would need to be worthy of the global brand’s reputation and cutting edge CBD location. What’s transpired is a world-class luxury lounge–inspired environment, created by Melbourne studio Mim Design to reflect Landream’s aspirations as a business and the high quality of its product.

The brief was to create interiors that are modern, timeless and fresh, with a slightly nostalgic nod to old school Hong Kong-style luxury, and that reflect the high quality Landream brand. “To balance the modern slant, we created a sense of design tradition in the space via key furniture pieces, such as the Mayor Sofa from Great Dane Furniture and the leather-clad Group Ali boardroom chairs from Herman Miller. We also decided to reflect the Landream brand, more specifically the angle of the ‘L’ and curve of the ‘D’ as it appears in their logo, through the curvature of panelling, walls and door handles, and in the sublime angles throughout the space,” explains Miriam Fanning.

The palette and finishes are a balance between dark and light, with the inclusion of refined brass detailing throughout all spaces, whether it be through furniture, or wall cladding. The polished plaster used on the walls throughout softens the space, as do the RC+D carpets and high-end flush plaster ceilings.


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[Images courtesy of Mim Design. Photography by Peter Clarke Photography.]


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