Launched during 3 Days of Design, Menu Space is a newly finished showroom, office, and café, designed in collaboration with Norm Architects for Danish design brand MENU.

The space supports a new approach to the art of running a design business, facilitating great ideas, beautiful design, powerful concepts and inspiration, as well as openness, knowledge sharing, co-working, and collaborations.

“Our goal is to build a community around Menu Space. An open space where likeminded creative thinkers can work, meet and share their stories, ideas, and processes. Where everyone is welcome to stop by – for a coffee, a meeting, or simply to have a close up look at our designs – and a space where we also work ourselves. The synergy of co-working and sometimes teaming up on small or big projects is an amazingly inspiring catalyst for strong ideas and unique concepts,” shares the Danish brand.

Located in the upcoming Copenhagen neighbourhood surrounding the harbour in Nordhavn, the interior is inspired by the raw and industrial setting of the local context. “The space draws heavy inspiration from strong materials such as concrete and steel, which can be seen throughout the space. This use of natural and durable materials provides a beautiful contrast to the objects and designs that fill the plateaus, floors, and corners,” explain Norm Architects.

“The idea is to keep Menu Space moving and ever changing. To have friends of the house and people we admire stop by on a regular basis and change the interior layout however they see fit – ensuring that we always have a vibrant, creative, lively space that continues to inspire our neighbours, visitors, friends, clients, and designers,” adds MENU’s Design Director Joachim Kornbæk Engell-Hansen.


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[Images courtesy of MENU. Photography by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Norm Architects.]


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