Muuto yumminess.
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Amazing lighting from Forestier.
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What else can one expect from a place called Design House Stockholm, other than a whole bunch of awesome!
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So… you know… I’m back! Err… yes, I realise that most of you probably didn’t even realise I was away, unless you’ve been following my adventures over on Instagram. Regardless, I am here today to share with you some of the highlights from my first ever visit to MAISON&OBJET, a major French trade fair held biannually in gay-Paree (oh how I adore that city). Given that Maison is considered to be one of the three most important design events in Europe, I had reasonably high expectations from the show. Although I had a ball walking through the halls discovering many interesting and new to me things, overall the fair left me feeling slightly underwhelmed. Poo!

I’d definitely admit to becoming more and more difficult to please these days, and perhaps it’s my own stupid fault for saturating myself senseless in extraordinary design on daily basis. On that note, it’s probably best not to take cues from me as to whether or not Maison is a good trade event as I am one super jaded design lady! It is important to mention that Maison is not just geared towards the design professionals, but also to the retailers, buyers, decorators and general enthusiasts. Having said this, I never expected to see so many fake flowers, furniture knock-offs and home fragrances, if you catch my drift. Sure this stuff is important (except for the knock-offs – they can jump off a cliff, die and burn in hell!!), however my hungry-for-good-design-eye was hoping for more amazing, interesting, captivating… stuff. Oh I don’t really know what I was hoping for to be honest, but I wish there was more of it around. “Please, sir, I wan’t some more.” Most greedy, I know.


Exquisitely beautiful minimalist lighting collection by Goodbye Edison.
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It was great to finally see llot llov gear in the flesh. Just beautiful.
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& tradition = awesome! Standard.
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Fun colourful lights by BOBDESIGN.
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So without further ado, below are some of the things that caught my eye. I suggest you click through the gallery below to see all the images as there were far too many to include in the post. Tomorrow I will bring you Part 2 of Maison highlights, in which I will share home-wares, products, accessory-type-stuff and other interesting moments from the show.

x dana



[Images © yellowtrace.]

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