An avant-garde medium, an internationally acclaimed artist and a unique location, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome, came together for the creation of the most impressive architectural mapping project ever realised in Italy: ‘Lux Formae’ by Laslzo Bordos, supported by FENDI and produced by Solid Light for Videocittà moving image festival.

Laszlo Bordos, an internationally renowned Hungarian artist, is considered a pioneer of digital arts and architectural mapping. Having curated more than 50 projects in over 22 countries, Bordos came to Rome for the first time and identified the home of the Roman luxury house FENDI as the ideal location for his performance. For one night, the imposing building was transformed into a canvas for a spectacular projection.

During Videocittà, the initiative was also present the next day at Anfiteatro Flavio, creating a unique link between ancient and contemporary Rome, through the symbolic juxtaposition of the two buildings.


Lux Formae by Laslzo Bordos at FENDI's Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome | Yellowtrace


Contemporary art and in particular 3D Mapping, “represent a new form of art”, explains the Hungarian artist. “Contemporary artists can project their ideas and vision onto the three-dimensional façade of buildings. Ideas need inspiration and the best inspiration comes from the architecture itself!”

Bordos was thrilled to work at Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. “It is a metaphysical place and the work tries to amplify the spiritual dimension of the building, playing with the concept of infinity. I want to achieve the illusion that the untouchable, ethereal, immaterial light.”

The site-specific work, in its ephemeral and monumental presence, draws an epos of the future destined to last much longer than the time frame in which it took place, so as to imprint itself on the eternity of Rome.


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[Images courtesy of FENDI.]


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