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As a lover (not a fighter) of simplicity and straight lines, I’ve always been drawn to beautiful linear lighting. This is one of the key elements I’ve used in my interior design work over and over, with a fair degree of success I might add. Whether we are talking about stunning (and expensive) pieces in upmarket finishes, impossible lengths and no visible fixings, or low-cost supermarket diffusers turned upside down for uplighting with unbeatable bang-for-buck powers, linear lighting holds the key to beautiful, streamlined aesthetics that can do no wrong.

Now… As I’ve previously done with mirrorsvases, pendants and a number of other objects and topics, I’d like to take this opportunity to show you some of the most interesting linear lighting designs I’ve seen. The sort of lights that take the concept of a humble straight line to a whole new level by applying materials, colours, interesting and unexpected details that make my heart sing.

Enjoy! x


Composition Light by Miya Kondo

Details of Composition Light by Miya Kondo

Composition Light by Miya Kondo // “Composition Light describes the relationship between individual and object, and individual and space through the use of light, creating different perspectives, frames and shapes, offering light itself as a mutable spatial object.” These light sculptures are made up of five different graphic components, each one varying in shape and colour. They can either stand alone of create an infinite amount of configurations possibilities.


Bird on Wire ceramic light by Giopato and Coombes

Bird on Wire ceramic light by Giopato and Coombes, detail

Bird on Wire by Giopato & Coombes // Light made from recycled figurines retrieved from the traditional ceramic bowls from Bassano del Grappa in Italy. This object captures the moment of seeing birds resting on top electricity distribution lines.


Counterweight Mobile Light by Fort Standard

Counterweight Mobile Light by Fort Standard, marble brass timber detail

Counterweight Mobile Light by Fort Standard, brass and timber detail

Moving image of Counterweight Mobile Light by Fort Standard

Counterweight Mobile Light by Fort Standard // The series utilizes the weight of stone and brass in conjunction with steam-bent white oak bodies and kiln-formed glass diffusers. Features two rows of dimable warm LED’s in each light.


Log Lamp by Olli Mustikainen & Jari Nyman

Log Lamp by Olli MustikainenJari Nyman // Table lamp made from solid timber and continuous LED light source.


Lit Lines floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades

Lit Lines pendant by Michael Anastassiades

Lit Lines by Michael Anastassiades // Limited edition lighting designed for Nilufar Gallery and made from brass. I die!


005 Collection by Naama Hofman vertical

005 Collection by Naama Hofman horizontal

005 Collection by Naama Hofman

005 Collection by Naama Hofman // This group of four lighting objects, where each one is configured differently, comprises of glass and acrylic tubing, and energy saving LED bulbs. In each variation, the cylindrical bulbs cross and divide glass planes resulting in a number of exquisite compositions. Extreme love!


Light Object 006 by Naama Hofman

Light Object 006 by Naama Hofman // Ms Hofman again with her unconventional use of materials and impeccable feel for perfect proportions. 006 light object (middle of the image) is made with two trapezoids, one glass and one Perspex. Between the two plates is a LED strip that illuminates the back side of the objects while creating a minimalistic line. This object can be hung or leaned against a wall. Stun-a-rama!


Ladder Light by Jessica Nakanishi

Ladder Light detail by Jessica Nakanishi

Ladder Light by Jessica Nakanishi // Available in a number of different configurations, the ‘ladder lights’ can be used to create a custom illuminated pattern across the wall. The light is made from metal components where tubes are connected by a leather strap woven through the side wall of each tube.


New Approach Light by Jorge Penadés

New Approach Light by Jorge Penadés

New Approach Light by Jorge Penadés // Sculptural light that embraces the beauty in spatial geometry, exploring the intersection of vertices, edges and planes. (via mocoloco)


Plank by northern lighting

Plan by northern lighting

Plank from Northern Lighting // Plank is made out of pure raw timber, and can be used as a pendant, wall or floor lamp. The dimmable LED light is placed between the two timber planks, adding a high tech value to the object.


Stickbulb lamp by RUX design, with roll of yellowtrace on the desk - woohoo!

Stickbulb lights by Rux

Stickbulb by Rux detail

Stickbulb by Rux // Modular LED lighting “sticks” made from reclaimed wood. “The design and manufacturing for StickBulb is done in RUX’s New York City workshop using a wide variety of materials, from maple to sun-bleached Ipe salvaged from the Coney Island boardwalk.” 


Tensegrity Light by Michal Maciej

Tensegrity Light by Michal Maciej // This beautiful sculptural light are based on Kenneth Snelson sculptures. “Utilising Snelson’s structural discovery appropriated and popularized by Buckminster Fuller as Tensegrity, new possibilities of light forms emerge whereby the light source and its electrical wire work mutually in compression and tension to produce a seemingly discontinuous field of light defined by it structural form.”


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