This is what Extreme Love looks like. {via “Maison” – Christian Liaigre}


John Young’s Library {via July/Aug Inside Out}


Stefano Tonchi Library {via The Selby}


I would really, really, really, ridiculously LOVE a big Library…. oh yes I would. Just like one of these places above and below.

I was rearranging a few things in our apartment the other day, and I realised that we actually have lots of books and magazines. There’s all sorts of stuff there – from general interest, educational, fiction, design and architecture related, handbooks from university days (but why?), millions of magazines. And we even threw a lot out when we last moved, plus I still have quite a few books stored in my parent’s garage.

Anyway, enough about my problems.

Back to eye candy.


Karl Lagerfeld’s Library {clipped out of a Wallpaper magazine some time ago}


Paris Library. Oh my, I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven! {via}


A shop in a church by Merkx + Girod Architecten {via}


I know, I know… The last one may be slightly unrealistic for my place, but a girl can at least dream, right!?

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  1. Peter Baldwin

    Finally, someone else who shares my secret, lascivious love of libraries!

  2. Jean Wright

    Love, love this post. A room for books like Karl Lagerfeld – that’s a luxury.


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