Husband’s little photography course at ACP continues, and this week we are leaning about Light. In case you missed last week’s post, you can get up to speed by clicking here. Light is essential to photography for both exposure and composition, and this assignment was a way to explore how light communicates mood and emption in an image. “Light reveals the unfamiliar and alters the familiar; it can make the ordinary unusual. It’s patterns can create order of fragment a whole into new patterns. It evokes associations, moods and emotions.”

For the assignment, Husband was asked to experiment with point directional light, sources, dappled light, window light & diffused light. Again, he had to pick only one inanimate object {or a person} and photograph it in as many different types of lighting. The shots had to be done in colour at ISO 400, but printed in black & white for review.

So we headed to our favourite little beach on Monday and combined a few swims with photography {in case you were wondering – we both had a day off}. Perfect. And how do you like this week’s subject of choice – a timber rooster {or as I like to call him a massive chicken}? He is awesome, especially when seen on our shelf next to his other rooster friend – they are two very cool “chickens” I tell ya.

So back to husbands shots. I really like the first two. And you?

Off course, photos below are my little iPhone effort so that you can see all the “behind-the-scene-action”. Sounds so official and glamorous.

x dana

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    • yellowtrace

      I like the first one too Vicki. Although that wasn’t the “teacher’s” favourite. And the rooster is such a cool little dude, isn’t he?


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