While it is an undeniably beautiful, luxurious surface – making bathroom and kitchen surfaces impossibly striking – marble does come with compromise. As well as being pricey, it is extra hard to maintain. Some of us might applaud the gradual etchings that appear over time – but if you’re after a surface that will easily uphold its original, pristine gloss – marble can be pretty disappointing. The porous natural stone scratches and soaks up basically anything and everything, and in the kitchen, you need to pay close attention to the joys of life: coffee, wine, and tea.

Engineered versions of marble have overcome its maintenance issues, but never quite cut it as a real replacement for the real deal. Now though, there may be a surface that’s equal in look to marble – minus the compromise. Essastone Unique Calacatta, is the first Calacatta engineered stone that’s truly inspired by the original marble. Its ultra-realistic representation features pristine white and bold grey veining – and works as benchtops, splashbacks, and interior wall linings. Like real marble, it’s available in both gloss and honed finishes.

Produced in Europe using up to 95% quartz, the virtually non-porous surface is resistant to scratching, and citrus acid marks, and doesn’t need sealing. Your marble troubles are solved, without having to compromise on the unmatched look and feel of natural stone.


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