Not only has Instyle launched Ecoustic® Sculpt collection – a highly-functional and intelligent acoustic ceiling system, their product also won the Best New Acoustic Panels and Solutions Gold Award at Neocon this year.

Ecoustic® Sculpt includes nine striking designs, ranging from simple and understated patterns through to dramatic sculptural shapes. The inspiration behind the collection spans forms inspired by famed designers and architects such as Santiago Calatrava, Louis Sullivan and Dieter Rams, as well as city skylines, precious gems and patterns found in nature.


Ecoustic® Sculpt Collection: Ceiling Tile Design by Instyle | Yellowtrace
Ecoustic® Tide range.


A key feature of the collection is that architects and interior designers are able to create their own custom designs for any interior scheme. Motifs, logos or specific shapes can be cut into the profiles of the Classic ceiling tile using Instyle’s CAD and in-house CNC router.

Ecoustic® Sculpt achieves a high level of acoustic performance by virtue of its shape, construction and raw materials. The suspended profiles are made from lightweight PET panels, which delivers a high acoustic rating (alpha w 0.8 / NRC 0.85 with a 200mm air gap) and intensify the diffusion of sound waves. The sound mesh designed to complement the system enhances the acoustic performance of the tile. A slim profile Ecoustic® infill is available to significantly improve the low-frequency absorption and replaces the need for bulky insulation.


Ecoustic® Sculpt Collection: Ceiling Tile Design by Instyle | Yellowtrace
Ecoustic® Steps range.


Simple and quick to install, the system can be easily fitted into suspended ceiling grids in new and existing fitouts, and can also be removed to gain access to building services.

Highly versatile and available in a neutral colour palette, the ceiling tile designs can be assembled in varying directions to create a larger overall pattern. The 1200mm x 600mm modules can be installed in an identical linear formation or mirrored to form larger shapes across multiple tiles. The 600mm x 600mm tiles can be installed in a linear and mirrored formation or rotated 90 degrees to create a checkerboard or random patterns.

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Ecoustic® Sculpt Collection: Ceiling Tile Design by Instyle | Yellowtrace
Ecoustic® Classic range.


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