London-based artist Nicola Yeomen creates elaborate, ethereal installations which are both bold and graphic, and delicately fragile. Her most recent work “In Waiting” (above) is made up of drapery and cement in a series of circular installations (on show through March 17 at Wyer Gallery, London.)

Nicola’s work explores the use of countless materials – top hats, ripped up floorboards, birds, shirts, doilies, paper – you name it.



Nicola grew up on a farm in Yorkshire and she never studied art. Growing up, she used to dream up and create little dens – either outside in the fields or inside farm sheds – using whatever materials were around her and tinkering with them for weeks until she got them looking exactly how she wanted them.


“Art wasn’t really something I knew anything about, and an artist was just someone that painted. I remember the first modern art gallery I ever went to on a school trip to London, the old Saatchi gallery. I must have been about 14 or 15 and I saw Richard Wilson’s room filled with oil. I was mezmerised and absorbed by it. It’s one of my most vivid memories. But I never realistically thought I would have work in a gallery, or even considered art as a career path. It just wasn’t something that people ‘did’ where I grew up. Somehow it found me instead.”


Read more about this fascinating artist in a great interview on Don’t Panic. And don’t forget to have a great weekend, ok?!

[Discovered via my love for you. Images courtesy of Nicola Yeomen.]

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