Amsterdam Home by Architecture i29. Images via i29.


Casa Talia in Modica, Italy by Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta . Photography by Andrea Ferrari. Image via ArchDaily.


Corallo House in Guatemala City, Guatemala by Paz Arquitectura. Photography by Andres Asturias. Images via Contemporist.


Featherston House in Melbourne, Robin Boyd. Image via Boyd Homes Group.


Orcas Island house in Washington by Gary Gladwish Architecture. Photography by Will Austin. Images via mocoloco.


Hello yellowtracers! I’m Ella, an architect from Melbourne and blogger at pages from my moleskine. I’m so excited to be here while Dana spends some time with her newest little friend.

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors has long been a recurring theme in architecture and interiors. It’s a rather fantastical notion to have the comfort and protection of the indoors whilst being immersed in the freshness and wonder of the great outdoors. Why not have our cake and eat it too, right?

This is a collection of projects that take the task of merging inside and outside rather seriously. They explore the possibilities; how the outdoors can creep in from beneath, press hard up against the walls and windows, be sliced through the middle, hang suspended from above, pierce through the structure or be woven into the building fabric. Some of these push the boundaries so hard you start to question what “being indoors” actually means.

So many clever architects out there thinking outside of the box.


Loft Marquee at Flemington Racecourse by Joyce + Made. Photography by Dianna Snape. Images courtesy of Joyce + Made. More images here.


Room #302 at Llove Hotel by Yuko Nagayama (temporary exhibition). Photography by Takumi Ota. See more images and read the post on yellowtrace here.


Loft 24-7 in São Paulo, Brazil by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados. Image via Plus Mood.


Musealization of the Archeological Site of Praça Nova of Sãu Jorge Castle by Joao Luís Carrilho da Graca. The structure hovers above the archeological site. Photography by Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra. Images via Minimalissimo.


House N in Oita, Japan by Sou Fujimoto Architects. Photography by Iwan Baan. Image via ArchDaily.


NA House in Tokyo by Sou Funimoto. Photography by Iwan Baan. Image via Domus.


Stacking Green in Saigon, Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia + Daisuke Sanuki + Shunri Nishizawa. Photography by Hiroyuki Oki. See more images and the post on yellowtrace here.


House in Seya, Kanagawa by Suppose Design Office. Images via Trendir.


Tori Tori Restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio. Photography by Paúl Rivera.


I hope you enjoyed this post because I’ll be back for one more. Til then!

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