Designed by Melbourne architect Adriana Hanna, Hues Hair launched in Richmond by Jamie Hughes earlier this year. The underlying intention of the planning and spatial organisation was to diverge from the predictable hair salon typology which organises clients in a row facing a wall. The design concept is instead focused on creating a memorable interior, and drawing back clientele through a distinctive, allusive space.

Hanna took cues and influences from designers and artists such as Jeppe Hein, Ettore Sottsass and Emily Floyd. There is an expressive play of form and scale in the interior by way of simple geometries arranged in a seemingly disorderly manner to create personal stations and functional zones.

The design is an intervention in an existing space with the main cutting area organised by a pair of structures that form a t-section in plan. The mirrors at each station were intended to be a key design element – their bold geometries are reflected onto one another forming unique visual connections to the surrounding space. This arrangement also preserves the spatial fluidity of the open plan layout while defining specific areas.

Colour was carefully considered as it’s reflection can easily lead to an inaccurate perception of hair colours. Colour also played a key role in defining the spaces and structure. The chromatic treatment of floors vs walls and furniture are guided by Sottsass’ ideals that colour plays a constructive role in defining spaces, that it “can arise and be in harmony with the imperatives of structure, without destroying it.”

Furniture was key in this scheme – it had to be sculptural, comfortable and in harmony with the colour scheme. The striking monochromatic houndstooth graphic on the Eumenes chairs by Paola Navone suitably fits this criteria and provides texture, pattern and play amongst the austere surrounds.

The existing ceiling was retained for budget purposes and a graphic approach was deployed by highlighting the existing grid of the commercial ceiling tile system. The project is a testimony to the young client – a new business owner who placed trust and commitment in this unique design direction. We salute him.


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[Images courtesy of Adriana Hanna. Photography © Dan Hocking.]


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