Designed by C&C DESIGN, Heduli Paddy Hotel is located in Hedu Village on the Heng River in Huizhou, China, in an area known for it’s ecotourism, agricultural experiences and leisure holidays. The main building of the hotel is a repurposed primary school buildings which was no longer in use.

The Design advocates the harmonious relationship between man and land, and respect for the ecological civilisation of the local area. Nature and simplicity constitute the tone of the entire site – leisure and tranquility is the soul of the project, with local farming culture creating the site’s the most valuable resource. The designers’ hope is that through their efforts, the project revives the gradually faded rural vitality, and explores the idea of bringing rural revival into the modern age.

The stay at this pure and natural eco-resort enables guests to hear the voices of frogs, experience flowing springs in the mountains, smell the fragrance of rice, and experience the lotus breeze and views of spectacular starry skies.


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[Images courtesy of C&C DESIGN.]


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