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After launching its first store in 2016, Axel Arigato has expanded its presence with four standalone spaces. The Swedish fashion brand continues to challenge the norms of taking online offline. Expanding its physical footprint in key cities is their key strategy, with the latest flagship located in the heart of Marais, Paris.

As a digitally native business, Axel Arigato stores disrupt the typical retail model, designed to forge real connections with customers by inviting them into a unique experience of the world of the brand. In collaboration with Stockholm-based architectural studio Halleroed, Co-founder and Creative Director Max Svärdh presents the newest retail design codes for the Paris Store.

The store aesthetic is a modern interpretation captured by the contrast of different materials and colours. A monochromatic and bright colour palette blends brutalism with minimalism as the sleek interiors juxtapose the heavy use of concrete.

The interior is curated to play with forms and shapes with light-yellow travertine stone in different finishes such as honed, bush-hammered, and raw sides as the main feature. The space consists of two rooms with a raw concrete backdrop throughout divided by a freestanding travertine wall, an abstraction of the classical architectural elements of a column and beam. The punctured grid ceiling with hidden lighting is visually connected by the largely monochromatic palette featured in the warm grey raw concrete walls and floors.



Sculpturally designed podiums, also made in travertine like the shelves and the dressing room custom chairs, are placed rhythmically in the centre of the interior to form a grandiose entrance in a gallery-like surrounding. The non-existence sales counter is a feature in all of the Axel Arigato modern hybrids of the classic brick and mortar retail model. The travertine podiums are emphasized by the mirror component of the stainless steel rails creating a contrast between the materials.

The mirror feature extends out into the store’s rear backyard where its surface surrounded by small stones reflects the surrounding. This is a little oasis for the staff.

To enhance and create an immersive customer experience, a big freestanding LED screen displays creative content, adding to the forever-changing vision of co-founder Max Svärdh.


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[Images courtesy of Axel Arigato. Photograhy by Benoit Florençon.]


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