Render of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona | Yellowtrace

Render of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona | Yellowtrace

Render of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona | Yellowtrace

Render of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona | Yellowtrace

Render of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona | Yellowtrace

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Using animated computer renderings, this fly-by video shows how the construction of the Basilica Sagrada Familia will progress through to completion in 2026 – With the opening of it’s doors scheduled to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of its famous designer Antoni Gaudi’s death. Gaudi had taken over the design of the Basilica one year into it’s construction in 1883, but since his death in 1926, the progress of it’s construction has been slow.

For the past +20 years, the oversight and direction of the final design of the building has been carried out by architect Jordi Bonet, whose father had worked under Gaudí. With much of Gaudi’s drawings and scaled models being destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, Bonet had to introduce computer-based construction techniques in order to create the final design. Although we will never know if the culmination of the past century of works is what Gaudi had envisioned for this site, the building will remain as “the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages” and unlike any other.

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[Video courtesy of Sagrada Familia Foundation via Colossal. Still images captured from video.]

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  1. Ari

    One of the most amazing architectural experiences of my life… And I’m Jewish!

    Historically, a church of this scale taking 100+ years to finish isn’t unusual, though really I’m not sure how many churches have ever been built at this scale.


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