Fred International‘s new showroom in Melbourne’s Collingwood is much more like a well-appointed apartment than a glossy storefront. Firstly, it’s by appointment only, so you’ll have to call ahead if you want to pay a visit. Secondly, it has been put together as you would a home—there aren’t really product displays per se, but more of a cohesive aesthetic that works to reflect the building’s bones and history as well as its inner-city Melbourne location.

The new showroom is the first for Melbourne and was designed by local interior designer Angela Harry, with art direction by stylist Simone Haag. Set in an iconic Collingwood warehouse, Angela chose a darker, moodier palette, instead of just sticking to clean and minimal as you might for a Scandinavian furniture emporium. The idea was to make Fred feel at home in Melbourne.

“Selecting a single shade of grey for the predominant space meant the original heritage detail and textures are celebrated just as they are, and gave us the freedom to be bold in the entryway with the contrast of rich terracotta walls and lustrous carpet,” Angela explains. Plush rust-coloured carpet runs the length of the hallway, and up the stairs—which works with other earthy accents of cognac leather, marble, terrazzo, and smoked glass.

Within the home slash showroom, both new and iconic Fred’s furniture is on display. There are contemporary Scandinavian brands like Fogia, by Lassen, Friends & Founders, Rubn Lighting, and Secto Design. A Fogia Retreat sofa in purple wine sits beneath a cluster of pastel blue and pink Knit With pendants by Made by Hand. There’s a pair of Fogia Bollo chairs camouflaged in Raf Simons for Kvadrat upholstery, and Fogia’s woven wool rugs too. A set of Rubn Vogue pendants in the entryway have been custom coloured to match the terracotta-hued entryway.


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[Images courtesy of Fred International. Photography by Mark Roper.]


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