Located in Paris’ 13th arrondissement, this heritage apartment occupies the space that was once a typical Parisian workshop. Although the interior has a very tall ceiling, the total footprint measures just 30 square metres. The owners called on Freaks Architecture to design them a multifunctional living space that could evolve according to their different needs and activities through the day.

“In order to take advantage of the available ceiling height, we proposed to accommodate the night-time space on the mezzanine sitting on top of the bathroom and kitchen, which are located at the back of the volume,” said Freak Architecture to Yellowtrace.

The front of the apartment features a large sculptural mobile cupboard, which also accommodates shelving and a folding table. “It organises the space in many configurations depending on where it is positioned,” said the architects.

When asked about the meaning behind the project name, Freaks Architects explained – “’La Tournette’ is the name given in French to the rotating stage used for theatre or opera, allowing for quick change of the scenography, while also participating in the stage design itself.” A fitting name indeed.


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[Images courtesy of Freaks Architecture. Photography by David Foessel.]


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    I love the idea, it awesome that you could change the overall look of the room, its just a bit hard to imagine that as part of everyday life.


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