When we talk about kitchen design, it’s usually cooking appliances that first come to mind. Yet the refrigerator can play an equally significant role in the overall aesthetic of a kitchen.

In the past, boxy, freestanding appliances were placed where there was enough space for them. But as kitchens have evolved from a purely domestic sphere into a combined entertaining, dining and workspace, architects and designers are exploring different ways to integrate refrigerators and freezers into an overall plan.

“When we were developing our new Columns series, we really listened to the architecture and design community for guidance on our design approach,” says Mark Haydon, chief designer at Fisher & Paykel. “Ultimately, our goal was to provide the freedom to decide how to adapt these new products in a way that works seamlessly with any plan, be it a compact kitchen or one that is part of a larger, open-plan space.”

Featuring adjustable four-point levelling, the refrigerators and freezers can be perfectly aligned with the kitchen’s joinery, and are designed to easily slide into place as separate units or together as a pair.

“As many kitchens today are part of an open plan, we have found that there’s a strong demand for refrigerators and freezers that appear as integrated furniture and add to the overall design, rather than detracting from it,” says Haydon.

The Columns door panels can be customised to match the rest of the cabinetry or you may choose Fisher & Paykel’s stainless steel panels, and the kick can be adjusted from 51mm to 152mm.

Inside each Column are two separate Variable Temperature zones with a choice of 3 food modes – for example in the refrigeration Column you could set the top compartment at 4°C to use as a day-to-day fridge and the bottom to a -1.5°C chill temperature profile for fish and meat storage, or opt for a pantry mode of 12°C for your bananas and fresh herbs.

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    kennethmason1kapmken mason

    Enjoyed that fact that the refriderator didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but there are many issues that contribute to an outstanding kitchen product. A door ‘shield’ that could be fitted with other finishes used in a kitchen would be one.
    With this disappearing design, I hope this unit has a small nightlight. kapm


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