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Australian terrazzo stone brand Fibonacci have introduced a new product to their Muse range. A warm, tonal jumble of rosewood pink and pale nude, Fatima’s Reflection was created with the help of a university student nostalgic for her home country.

“I spend loads time overseas at our manufacturing partners, working on literally hundreds of ideas and sample variations for new stone designs. I imagine them, then we create them, test them, change elements, and refine them,” says Fibonacci Creative Director Michael Karakolis.

It was on one of these trips that Karakolis met Fatima, who despite working in general office admin at the time showed an interest in the colours and design process of creating a Fibonacci stone. Karakolis piqued this interest by encouraging Fatima to play around with samples in the lab.

“One of my designs particularly resonated with her, and whilst I was away, she continued to work on it, showing a real instinct and passion for colour. Next time I went back we refined it further… creating a very beautiful stone. I then asked her about what the design meant to her, and she simply replied, ‘It reminds me of home,” says Karakolis.

Fatima’s Reflection is a heady mix of warm hues redolent of the colours and aromas of her homeland, Morocco. The stone is likened to a tagine-full of deep spices, with echoes of garnet-coloured cayenne and golden saffron, essentially a tribute to Fatima’s homeland. She has now finished her university studies and lives back in Morocco.

“We heard from her just recently, and guess what? Fatima is getting married and has asked my family and I to attend. To me, this story embodies the core values at the heart of Fibonacci Stone – where our working relationships directly forge beautiful concoctions,” says Karakolis.


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After a three-year overhaul to their supply chain, Fibonacci Stone are the only Australian terrazzo stone company with a totally planned inventory. “[This] means that our entire collection is available right now – not just a smattering of odds, ends, and project left-overs,” says Karakolis.

All new releases – including Fatima’s Reflection – are fully stocked with no lead time and can be delivered within 7 days. Head to Fibonacci’s website to find out more.


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[Images courtesy of Fibonacci Stone. Photography by Haydn Cattach. Styling & Art Direction by Bek Sheppard (room set images) & Nat Turnbull (flat lay image & Muse collection image).]


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