Oh my… I simply lost my little breath when I saw this magical art installation. You know when you see something that in some way changes you – it makes your smile a little wilder, your heart expands and starts to beat a bit faster, and your mind opens to new possibilities. Well that’s exactly what happened to me when I saw this work of wonder that’s straight out of a fairy-tale or a beautiful dream. It is so epic and monumental – and so delicate, exquisite and highly detailed.

This installation is titled The Falling Garden and it was created for the 50th Venice Biennial in 2003. It was housed in the Church of San Stae on the Grand Canal {ah, writing this takes me back to our beautiful honeymoon}. It was conceived and executed by Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger, and I discovered it browsing through their amazing website which is full of pure awesomeness. And attractiveness. I encourage you to take a little look for yourself.

Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger create site-specific fantasias and interactive wonderlands which are an adaptation of nature. The two of them have collaborated since 1997 and it comes as no surprise that they are among the most successful contemporary Swiss artists. Their work is truly mesmerizing, extravagant, and full of fantasy, allegory and sheer beauty. The pair often deals with the paradox and contradiction through their work – good and evil, life and death, hope and despair.

All I can say is – if this is how I feel looking at the installation on my screen, I can’t even imagine how deeply moved I would’ve felt had I seen it in person. There would’ve been tears of joy for sure! This time, my Extreme Love label doesn’t quite sum up how I feel.

Over and out, feeling inspired to no end.

x dana

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Dana Tomić Hughes
Founder & Editor

Dana is an award-winning interior designer living in Sydney, Australia. With an unhealthy passion for design, Dana commits to an abnormal amount of daily design research. Regular travel and attendance at premier design events, enables Dana to stay at the forefront of the design world globally. While she is super serious about design, Dana never takes herself - nor design - too seriously. Together with her life and business partner, Dana is Boss Lady at Studio Yellowtrace, specialising in Design Strategy, Creative Direction and Special Projects. The studio takes a highly conceptual and holistic approach to translating brands & ideas into places & experiences.

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  1. Melissa de la Fuente

    wow…..I am speechless….how beautiful & what a wonderful way to encourage the viewer to interact with the work….”come in, take of your shoes, lie down and enjoy the view” Just amazing….

  2. tatjanatopic

    Unreal … look at this inspiration can only bring you to a fairy tale.

  3. Vicki M

    wow – even before I reached your words i was just awestruck! Thanks for sharing such beautiful imagery, Dana – how we love how you find these beautiful works :)

  4. Annie May

    This is stunning! It actually took my breath away at first sight before I even had a chance to realize exactly what it was! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Nicole

    Absolutely incredible, beautiful, captivating, intriguing! Thankyou so much for sharing, I’m going to have wonderful dreams of this tonight! X


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