The outfitting of Riccardo Grassi showroom’s area dedicated to MSGM, curated by architect Fabio Ferrillo of Off Arch studio, is the result of a tight collaboration between Massimo Giorgetti, the brand’s creative director, the architect and the illustrious showroom. The work for the refurbishment of the 550 sqm space spanned several months so that the interruptions caused by sales campaigns are transformed into opportunities to set up work-in-progress installations.

The project is based on the creation of an ‘emotional room’ – a space with a strong visual and emotional impact, meant to surprise buyers and lead them to the majestic room dedicated to MSGM’s collections. In stark contrast with the building’s industrial heritage, the room’s mirrored flooring reflects an original 1970s playground, reinterpreted through a galvanised brass plating, to evoke the viewer’s childhood memories.

The walls are papered with huge pictures from the series ‘Gaz Rares’ by Parisian photographer Stanislas Wolff, thus immersing guests in a silent, emotionally tense, outdoors nighttime setting.

The imposing space dedicated to MSGM maintains the building’s original industrial essence but is embellished by contrasting brushed brass elements and large methacrylate sheets for a more contemporary touch. These sheets create delicate transparencies and juxtapositions, resulting in a bright and sophisticated area. Accessories are placed on blocks of rough plaster suspended on brushed brass structures, thus dynamically separating the different aspects of the collection.


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[Images courtesy of Fabio Ferrillo of Off Arch Studio. Photography by Stanislas Wolff.]


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