Way of Roses, cross stitch embroidery on car parts by Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene (LT). Photo via Flickr.


I have a little confession. There was a time when I considered embroidery to be just too traditional, old and boring (insert rolling eyes, pimply face and mouth wide open while chewing bubble gum). You get the picture, right? I was in my early teens, surrounded with the most magnificent embroidery my mum, grandmother, most of my aunties and lady neighbours used to do back in the “old country”. They would often share their latest pieces over many cups of strong black coffee, frequently oohing and aahing at each others creations, exchanging tips for best quality silk thread, how to achieve that smooth transition resembling watercolour painting… And there I was. Bored out of my brain, thinking the whole thing was such a waste of time. What an idiot.

Fast forward to today, my mid to late twenties (bwahahahahaha – I crack myself up!) and it is an entirely different story. I am simply in love with beautiful embroidery and I cannot get enough of it. It is a little bit similar to my love of lace and nanna-doilies. To me, the art of embroidery is a metaphor for patience, care and love. This meticulous handicraft is all about appreciating the finer details of colour and texture. I cannot  begin to tell you how happy it makes me feel to discover this many contemporary and edgier examples of embroidery, some of which I wanted to share with you today.

Viva la embroideria!



Get outta town amazing embroidered portraits by Daniel Kornrumpf


Richard Saja’s toile embroidery is extremely awesome. Shoes were done in collaboration with Opening Ceremony.  


Embroidered taxidermy by Frederique Morrel. I blogged about their work previously here and here.


Jazmin Berakha.


Embroidered wallpaper by CUSTHOM.


UK artist Kaylee Hibbert creates three dimensional and illusional textiles using meticulously stitched thread. Wow. Image via Colossal.


Embroidered illustrations by Berlin-based artist Nike Schroeder. Images via Colossal.


Susie Cowie embroidery is so delicate and beautiful.


Embroidered porcelain cup by Diem Chau.


Lauren DiCioccio‘s embroidered illustrations. Previously blogged about here.

Incredible embroidered mattresses (I know – WHAT! Who does that?!) by UK artist Louise Riley. Images via Colossal and saatchi


Embroidered greetings by UK graphic designer Emma Smart.


A bit of plant embroidery action via Fuck Yeah Embroidery. (I am not making that blog name up!)


Maurizio Anzeri for Dazed and Confused, June 2011. You may remember Maurizio’s work from this guest post by The Jealous Curator


Gimme gimme!! Embroidered monkey top from PRADA Spring/Summer 2011 via jak and jil.


Hand embroidery by graphics designers & illustrators from London Maricor/Maricar.


MARAÑÓN hand embroidered and crafted jewelry, made by 22 year old Cuban-born Lorena Barriento. She has an online store here


Handcrafted & embroidered furniture by Beirut-based duo Bokja. I blogged about their work previously here and here.


Rosie Geissler. Image above really sums up the week’s I’ve had. 


And on that last note – HAVE AN ACE WEEKEND! See you on Monday.

x dana

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    this is just mind blowing good. thanks for the awesome collection. i love it all, but i really love that door!

  2. Avatar

    This collection is absolutely spectacular! I love the traditional nature of embroidery in a fresh, inventive way (especially the Toile)

  3. Avatar
    kara rane

    impossible*! each art piece is brilliant..(i do have a love for wearing hand-made clothes, esp. details like embroidery- so adore the monkey top)
    thank YOU

  4. Avatar

    Incroyable !! Ces broderies sont juste de magnifiques oeuvres d’art ! bravo ! je suis bluffée ! merci de nous faire partager ces belles rencontres. J’en redemande !!

  5. Avatar

    Incroyable! Emmanuelle summed it up (don’t know what was said but it sounds brilliant). I love love the vase with the embroidered leaves. And the marriage proposal…Talk about pushing boundaries with of all things- nanna-art! I heart embroidery! Thanks D

  6. Avatar
    Oliver @ Sabi Style

    Its just all so cool.

    I confess I was never much fussed with embroidery when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

    Funnily enough for me it was the discovery of people doing really contemporary work that opened my eyes. Now I look back on the more classical work with a new found appreciation.

    One person who really captures my imagination is Judith Klausner and her Toast Embroidery:

  7. Avatar

    I am so happy because I have seen that door on display in an art gallery in Llandudno, North Wales. What a surprise to see it here!

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    Sonia Lyne of dandelyne

    OMG I am breathless, overwhemled, excited, inspired and just WOW!!!! I have just pinned every picture because they are ALL so amazing. WOW WOW WOW!

    Thank you for posting these. I love embroidery and this just takes it to another level – WOW (that is the main word that just keep circles my head :-D!


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