Devoción claim to be the only farm-to-table coffee roasters in the world—using FedEx to ship fair trade beans from farms and dry mills in Bogota up to New York overnight. From harvest through to creamy latte, the process takes about 10 days, meaning the essence of Colombia is still sealed within each sip. So naturally, the birthplace of their beans is the inspiration for the design of each of Devoción’s cafes. There is an outpost in Bogota, another in the Williamsburg neighbourhood in Brooklyn, and now—a second Brooklyn outpost has been revealed.

Designed by New York-based LOT Office for Architecture, the new café is located at the base of a new luxury high rise in downtown Brooklyn. The 158 square metre space is drenched in natural light, pouring in through 5-metre-high floor to ceiling windows. Inside, one of the most striking features is a raised concrete island, dotted with leather recliners and surrounded by a unique indoor garden created by local indoor vertical garden specialists, PlantWallDesign. Some 35 different plant species have been included, so you might feel like you are lounging in the thick of the Colombian jungle: there’s fish tail palm, starfruit, mango, and ficus trees, to name just a few.

Cabinetry throughout the café has been made by Colombian craftsmen using local wood—the striking and bold 8-metre-long coffee counter is made of black marble and elegant timber panels. Large white bricks, perforated concrete blocks, and handmade marigold tiles layered in a simple black and white pattern are all an abstract reflection of Colombian farmhouse architecture.


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[Images courtesy of LOT Office. Photography by Brooke Holm.]


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