Shanghai-based interiors studio DAS Lab has recently designed their very own office space, located in the urban Xuhui District. Completed in 2018, the project was driven by the concept of ‘emotional reversal,’ and the idea that certain design principles can help one in achieving a balanced state of mind. Helpful, when it comes to an office!

There are steel grids upon grids throughout the 120 sqm space, lining walls in the entrance, and covering the ceiling in each conference room. They create an at once sleek, moody, and industrial aesthetic, enhanced by a monochromatic colour palette spanning from charcoal to light grey. The studio aimed to convey a sense of order and rulemaking through the repetition of perfectly straight, geometrical grid patterns.

Natural light filters through the entranceway grids to cast overlapping shadows, intended to reflect the confusion of a depressed, inundated consciousness. This is then ‘reversed’ when you turn into the main office. The space is open plan with shared desks and panoramic windows, creating a ‘free’ vibe that encourages transparency amongst employees. Nothing is ever completely obscured, with even the conference room walls made of semi-transparent anti-crackle glass.

Basically, DAS lab is all about dialogue and communication, and wished to prevent their employees from feeling any sort of solitude by creating such an interactive workplace. The office balances clean, minimalist décor (great for encouraging productivity) with an interpersonal layout.


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[Images courtesy of DAS Lab. Photography by Xu Yifei.]


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