Atelier VM opens its second store in Milan at Corso Garibaldi 127, designed by famed local studio CLS Architetti. Founded in 1998 by Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj-Oleari, the new store celebrates the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Lead by Massimiliano Locatelli, CLS Architetti were charged with communicating the poetry of Atelier VM, an alchemical workshop in which romantic minimalism inspires the materials and is embodied by precious jewels.

The store, situated between the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova and the church of Santa Maria Incoronata, is a small 16-square-meter bespoke interior, marked by the neon sign identifying the brand. The different stages of processing a stone – roughing out, cutting, and polishing – were part of the evolution of the design that has become a precious gem in Corso Garibaldi.

The concept of cut stone is the common thread: the cutting of a diamond and its geometric shapes inspire the angular but harmonious shapes. Geometric cuts dominate the peripheral areas of the store, creating a sharp contrast with the oval shape located in the centre, the focal point of the interior that and showcases all the handcrafted creations of Atelier VM.

Marble is at the heart of the store’s design, and its colours dominate the space: red jasper, green and honey onyx, blue sodalite and rosa portogallo. One of the main focal points of the design is the slab of polished rosa portogallo, a delicate and elegant display surface, the ideal backdrop for gold and precious stones.

The pink marble walls and the flooring made with recycled timber envelop the space in chromatic and textural warmth, creating a formal yet welcoming environment.

Walnut and leather actively enrich the refined interior, warming the atmosphere and lending it an artisanal touch. Textural contrast is created by the black steel and brass that, completing the design with small, quiet details and an impressively large mirror, expand the space and actively contribute to the display of the exquisite jewellery.


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[Images courtesy of CLS Architetti. Photography by Mattia Iotti.]


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