Who says you’re not allowed to touch curves until you’re middle aged? This person obviously hasn’t met Clare Cousins. Either that or Clare Cousins has really good genes.

This deliciously curvaceous brick house she designed for her own family is stunning both inside and out. A rounded motif is repeated throughout, beginning with the grand gesture of the undulating upper level and revealing itself again in the interior detailing, such as the rounded brick nib walls. There’s control in the use of curved geometry and it never risks being gimmicky.

It’s architectural and sophisticated but simultaneously playful and relaxed. It’s the kind of space where a pile of kiddy toys isn’t going to stain the architectural intent.

Want to know a crazy fact? She completed the house within two weeks of giving birth to her second child. Superwoman or what? New life goal. Become Clare Cousins.


[Images courtesy of Clare Cousins. Photography by Shannon McGrath.]

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Dana Tomić Hughes
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Dana is an award-winning interior designer living in Sydney, Australia. With an unhealthy passion for design, Dana commits to an abnormal amount of daily design research. Regular travel and attendance at premier design events, enables Dana to stay at the forefront of the design world globally. While she is super serious about design, Dana never takes herself - nor design - too seriously. Together with her life and business partner, Dana is Boss Lady at Studio Yellowtrace, specialising in Design Strategy, Creative Direction and Special Projects. The studio takes a highly conceptual and holistic approach to translating brands & ideas into places & experiences.

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    Visually stunning. What a beautiful example of today’s housing….a modern home. love love love!

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    Chelsea Hing

    Well done Clare, what an amazing house, This is the first time I’ve seen so many fabulous images. Its so well designed, so well shot, just gorgeous. Great work!

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    I LOVE this beautiful home, Clare has done an amazing job. She is a standout amongst Melbourne’s many wonderful architects.

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    Absolutely gorgeous interior details, beautiful materials and forms, full of personality and as you say Ella not gimmicky in the slightest. I die.

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    those dark bricks are AMAZING!! I really love face brick when done beautifully – just like this. Congrats Clare, I am in awe.

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    a beautiful home, love the interiors, very clean colors with a yellow tip. outside the house was a little strange for me at the begining. but now I think it’s great. have a look at the new products, google it! bocadolobo images – gold products


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