HOLA! Ok, so this post is only about 6 months overdue, but hey – who’s keeping track of these things? I’ve been really busy, ok?!

Anyway, I’m sure most of you will remember my extended holiday back in April and May earlier this year around Milan design week time, after which Husband and I spent another 3 glorious weeks visiting my family in Serbia and Bosnia, followed by our first ever trip to Spain. Ahhh… What an amazing time we had. So much so, that I really wanted to share our adventure and our discovers with you all. We spent 6 nights in Barcelona which absolutely blew our mind. What an exciting place that is. Sure, I’d heard so much about it from many people, but it was so exciting to actually experience it first hand.

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I loved everything about this place – the people, the food, the sites and the smells, the most beautiful streets and buildings concentrated in one area as though the town was created in a fairy tale… But not in a pretty, sickly-sweet kind of way. No, sir! This city has soul, it has character, it has guts and plenty of grit. There is something there for everyone. And I mean everyone. Those seeking touristy kind of holiday (yuck in my books, but hey – who am I to judge), those looking to get in trouble and have a wild time sampling the city’s legendary night life… Gourmet travelers need not look any further, as the food here is well… to die for. Pork lovers like myself will be in heaven – I mean, where else in the world can you go to a bar and have a drink with hundreds of cured legs of pork (Jamón ibérico) hanging over your head omitting the sweetest perfume. By my definition this is pretty much heaven on earth people!! Lets not forget Barca’s many beaches, although we didn’t visit any of them given that we were there before the summer season. And then there is the shopping. Well… Let me tell you something about shopping in Barcelona… Husband and I did a significant amount of damage to our bank account which is now looking at suing us for psychological damages. True story! Oh, and how about those crazy soccer fans? Oh my goodness – that it something that has to be experienced to be believed.



So, have I totally convinced you that you need to stick around for this Travel Tuesday special for the next 4 weeks where I will share with you my top picks of things to do and see, places to eat and drink, where to say, and where to shop…? Yes or yes? Brilliant! I knew you’d be excited.

Join me back here every (Travel) Tuesday for the next 4 weeks and I will reveal all. Oh man… I am reliving the memories as we speak and I can almost smell that Jamón again….. hang on a minute… that’s probably because there’s a plate of cured ham right in front of me…

x dana

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4 Responses

  1. Oliver @ Sabi Style

    It really is an amazing city!

    Your photos capture that feeling I love there. They have taken me back to a casual wander down Las Ramblas to watch the street performers, a visit to the Barri Gotic to cruise down those beautiful narrow lanes with the Gothic Quater all around.

    Then to the Picasso museum in La Ribera… and a well earned drink!

    Looking forward to next Tuesday on the Yellowtrace Travel Guide.

  2. Lisa

    Barcelona is amazing! Tapas, sun, beach and beautiful architecture – what’s not to love. Did you try Bar Lobo? Definitely worth a visit or two


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