Established by the Spanish Design curator Francisco Polo and the german Interior Architect Markus Herchet, Aybar Gallery is a conceptual space offering high-end Interior Architect projects and an exclusive curated collection of limited edition pieces, Museum-quality furniture and objects d’Art from the most acclaimed and influential designers, attracting the highest level of private collectors and customers.

Aybar Gallery announced it’s opening in Miami in February with a selection of pure and sensitive limited editions, handpicked by the design curator Francisco Polo and designed by Formafantasma and Marre Moerel.

As in most of her work, Marre Moerel has used her particular technique to obtain high-end conceptual pieces and with HILO, the designer has pushed the boundaries of ceramics to it’s extreme limits obtaining vases with high-end craftsmanship, strong character and intuitive emotions making something which in theory isn’t supposed to be possible. A collection of high and low vases where the more decorative and emotional aspect comes to light in the coloured ones, where the dyed ceramic thread has strong references to that textile and yarn, adding layers of warmth, intimacy, and delicacy.

Almost as if historians, Studio Formafantasma investigated the pre-bakelite period, discovering unexpected textures, feelings and technical possibilities offered by natural polymers extracted from plants or animal-derivatives. The designers researched and hunted for information, digging into the 18th and 19th centuries, when scientists began experimenting draining plants and animals in search for plasticity. The selected BOTANICA pieces on display at Aybar Gallery are also part of the Permanent Collection at Museum of Modern Art, MoMA New York.


See more of FormaFantasma’s work on Yellowtrace.


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[Images courtesy of Aybar Gallery.]


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    This setting is neither inviting or comfortable. The ultra-white and stark display stands take center stage while the art work is lost in a floating world of shapes, colors and placements. The work lacks any kind of context. It seems to almost ‘pop’ into exsistance. As if it appeared from a black hole….. Simple words I’m using over and over, this is not warm, comfortable or inviting.. I’m not looking for old-fashioned floral prints, fireplaces and run of the mill wood finishes. But new for the sake of new is not design.



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