Attalos is the latest lighting concept to emerge from Sydney-based Marz Designs. Led by Coco Reynolds, the studio seems to have a knack for uniquely crafted lights. There’s Coco’s signature Bright Beads pendant, with geometric shapes turned from American ash timber, in either a natural finish or tinted indigo. The equilateral Bermuda wall light is made with a slice of marble in earthy ochre and moss green tones. Attalos, however features solid brass and comes as either a table lamp or hanging pendant feature.

As its title suggests, Attalos is inspired by architecture from ancient Greece: the fluted columns from the Stoa of Attalos in Agora, Athens, and the Doric order. “This Stoa (a covered walkway) combines a range of the known Greek architectural orders into different areas of the space, but we simply couldn’t go past the large walkway of fluted columns,” Coco explained of her inspiration for the range. “The repetition of these was almost rhythmical in nature and in particular the Doric fluting. This particular style of fluting to the column bases only seemed to further elongate the columns vertically.”

The base has been machined from solid brass to appear like the fluted stone columns of the ancient world. It’s then paired with a delicate frosted orb-like globe, which appears poised perfectly on top – creating a sense of beauty through proportion and balance. It’s a timeless piece, and fits in with Marz Design’s fondness for mid-century architecture, layered with soft, contemporary craftsmanship.


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[Images courtesy of Marz Designs. Photography by Leeroy Morgan.]


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