AD ARCHITECTURE has completed a furniture showroom in Shantou, Guangdong, China, inspired by the idea of illusions and dreams. Dubbed ‘Dreams-Chasing’ the 480sqm interior encourages users to consider the concepts of infinity and transcending the boundaries of real space.

Located in a suburban shopping mall, the interior is designed to display and sell furniture and mattresses. AD ARCHITECTURE’s head designer, XIE Peihe, defines it as life & art showroom.

The site is a narrow rectangular volume running east-west, with a standard column grid structure and evenly distributed windows on the north and south walls. Experimenting with the very idea of space, the design team pushes the project to the edge of the ‘dream’, exploring the diverse meanings of showroom space in the contexts of spatial limitation. The final concept is “taking objects as reality, space as virtual, and dreams as the world”.

Avoiding a single linear spatial expression, the design removes and cuts through the non-load-bearing partitions. Simple and pure geometric forms become interspersed with the structural framework – the original volume is dissected and reconstructed, creating spaces of different shapes and interconnections, both inside and outside, where the boundaries of space are blurred.

“In the grey space, a red gyro rotates at a high speed around the centre fulcrum. The gravitational force at the edge continues to be generated and resists the centre support. A gaze in the endless rotation causes people to fall into the abyss of dreams, mysterious, dark and overlapping,” says XIE Peihe.


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[Images courtesy of AD ARCHITECTURE. Photography by Ouyang Yun.]


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