The Acrobat pendant luminaire series is the latest lighting range from Melbourne-based studio Porcelain Bear. This modular collection is available in various metal finishes with illuminated translucent porcelain arms supported by a suspended trapeze.

Combining the elegant effortlessness of Brancusi’s Bird in Space with crisp Bauhaus simplicity, the Acrobat series references the precision of a death defying, skilled aerial performer’s graceful sky high contortions. Highly original in its execution, the Acrobat harnesses the latest LED technology to give a super energy efficient, warm glow to commercial or residential spaces requiring a point of focus and a high spec finish.

The collection consists of four unique products. The Flat Bar is an embodiment of simplicity and the most basics of the three options, offering an uncomplicated straight metal section with two translucent porcelain shades extending in opposing directions. The Back Flip offers a slick and smooth 90degree bent metal section with two translucent porcelain shades extending at right angles. The Forward Bend represents the third level of complexity of form in this series and features a 180degree curved metal section with two translucent and parallel porcelain shades extending downward, elegantly draped over its trapeze. The Double Act is a combination of two of the three options from this series, balanced on a shared trapeze.

For more information, visit Porcelain Bear’s website.


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[Images courtesy of Porcelain Bear. Photography by Anthony Raymond.]


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