• Rogerseller Presents // The Art of Colour.

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    “It can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate and inspire, suppress and even surprise. Colour is one of the essential building blocks of design and also the inspiration for a new art collaboration currently on display at Rogerseller showrooms across the country.”


    It is no secret I get super excited about brilliant creative collaborations, and today’s story is no exception. Our friends at Rogerseller are currently running a seasonal campaign titled The Art of Colour, which celebrates colour in unexpected and extraordinary ways. This wonderful, inspiring and super imaginative art collaboration is the brainchild of creative consultancy Jane and the super clever crafty ladies at Harvest Textiles.

    Acknowledging the deep subliminal meanings imbedded in all colours and their effect on our thinking, emotions and feelings, the concept for the installation uses a series of short and dynamic words as typographic sculptures. ‘WOW’, ‘YES’, ‘YAY!’ and ‘AHH’ were each sculpted in string, articulating the essence of magenta, green, orange and cyan respectively.


    “We wanted to bring colour to life in a really unexpected way. Using string as a medium allowed us to introduce a strong architectural element while still conveying the emotions and sensations that different colours can engender”. Daniel Pollock, creative director of Jane.

    What I really love about this project is the way the irreverence and playfulness of the chosen words and pure joy of colours that represent them, are balanced with the formality and intricacy of the 3D string sculptures. The result is bold and exciting, encouraging the viewer to engage with the work on multiple levels. Below is a fantastic little video of the campaign, directed by a young up and coming talent Guy Franklin of Mammal Films. I really encourage you to take a look.

    The video features an original sound track written by Nicholas Mulhall, and produced by Nicholas Mulhall & Joshua Delaney specifically for this campaign. Below is a great quote by Mulhall which provides an insight into his creative process for this piece.

    “Choosing the right instruments was so important in capturing the imagination of the audience the way the imagery does so well. Something colourful, bright, and fun but also grounded. I decided to borrow my friends ukulele with its strings small, nylon and warm. It’s tone gives the song a childlike quality that holds everything together. This gave the track life, and it was then just a matter of holding on and seeing where the music wanted to take us. Finding any surface to hit for percussion, pencils on paper, hands on chairs and claps in the air. Finally adding the cello really carries the track from the playground to a small orchestral setting adding depth and grounding the playful ukulele.” 

- Nicholas Mulhall.


    So much wonderful, joyous, wholesome goodness, no? Please show your support for our friends at Rogerseller by visiting their websiteFacebook and Pintrest, or better still drop into one of their showrooms.

    The Art of Colour : August – November 2012. On show at Rogerseller showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.


    Yellowtrace Promotion brought to you by Rogerseller.

    [Images courtesy of Rogerseller.]


  • 8 Responses to “Rogerseller Presents // The Art of Colour.”

    1. Josh says:

      ‘Hot Tea’ is a street artist living in Minneapolis, MN that has amazing yarn-based design works! Please check him out.

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    4. jemma says:

      what font is it you use

    5. Brenda says:

      it’s amazing and wonderful! i’d like to make one of my own for my personal project, so i was wondering what type of wood did you use? this is such a great and fresh new idea

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