• Welcome To The World Baby Yellowtrace!

    Posted on 28th May, by Dana Tomić Hughes in personal. 15 Comments


    Dearest yellowtrace friends,

    And so we meet again… I hope you’ve enjoyed all the posts during the last 5 weeks and that you haven’t missed me too much. Do tell! I thought it was only fair to give you a little update on what I’ve been up to, especially since many of you have been asking about our little ray of sunshine. So here goes.

    Our baby boy arrived at 00:22am on 16th of April 2012. And just like that – everything changed. The world got bigger, hearts grew fuller and life meant more because he was in it. This is something I’ve often heard but never fully understood… until now. His name is Luka (he lives on the second floor - and no, he wasn’t named after that song).



    Everybody always tried to tell me how much I would love my own child, and how this is something that can never really be explained. They were absolutely right! Growing a life, giving birth and raising a baby is something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. And let’s be honest – even though this is one very tough job, the rewards make all the sleepless nights, countless cries, soiled nappies, constant feeding and mountains of washing pale into insignificance. I feel humbled and honoured to be a mum to our beautiful little boy. He is a lovely mix of the two of us and our families, carefully made of and raised with nothing but love. He is my heart outside my body. And I simply could not be happier.

    Thank you for all your wonderful messages, tweets, comments, emails and gifts, and for welcoming our little man so lovingly and so generously into this world. He is such a lucky boy, I am one super lucky mama and you guys are truly the best there is. And just one more thing, in answer to one of the most frequently asked questions – this blog is definitely not going to change it’s focus from now on. There will be no “how to decorate your nursery” type posts (puh-lease!), banging on about motherhood or sharing cool baby related tips and “stuff”. Ok? I’m going to keep that shit to myself and my mothers group. So… Off you go to your days and I’ll see you back here tomorrow when we will resume our regular program. Good one.

    Mama yellowtrace xx

    [All images taken with an iPhone camera by mama & papa yellowtrace].


  • 15 Responses to “Welcome To The World Baby Yellowtrace!”

    1. Congratulation, your little boy is so cute! And the images are gorgeous.

      Looking forward to your usually cool, amazing, inspiring blog.

      Ciao Ally xx

    2. deborah says:

      Welcome to the world Luka and welcome to the wonder that is parenthood. Congratulations.

    3. Javette says:

      Congratulations Dana – Luka is gorgeous!

    4. Lauren says:

      Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, they are just too sweet. Looking forward to more great posts!

    5. Jane says:

      He’s absolutely beautiful! Well done to you all. xx

    6. Jill says:

      Such gorgeous photos and so good to hear about your love for little Luka! He is one beautiful piece of art you and Nick have created.


    7. Angus says:

      Congrats, he’s gorgeous!

    8. Linda says:

      Oh Dana .. he is so sweet looking. And you look so healthy, ‘sane’ and happy. Life with a newbie can sometimes be a shock to the system – but you both seem to be loving being parents – and I wish you all the very best.

      Enjoy your little man (love the name!!!).

      Cheers, Linda

    9. Therese Moussa says:

      Congratulations on your adorable little bubba! Wishing you and your family lots of love, peace and happiness.

      From Therese and the Team at South Pacific Fabrics xox

    10. amelia draws says:

      hey i just found your blog: least naff decor blog almost ever! Ta and as a ma of three sons, one four months old: huge giant congrats mumma yellow trace: i wish you sleep and luck inyour journey together as a family :)

    11. Welcome to the world little man! Wishing you a very happy & healthy life!

    12. Kirsty says:

      Congratulations! What a wonderful post, I feel everything you feel about my two kids but never manage to put it into words quite like you do. Enjoy it (cue cliche) because it goes so fast. I do have a ‘how to decorate your nursery’ blog, very early days so I am a total pretender but found your comment hilarious! Love your blog and have listed it in my top five ‘most jealous of blogs’ in the decor8 blogging course I am currently doing. If you have any tips for me…you know, in your spare time, would love to here them.

    13. Foivi Geller says:

      Oh Dana! Congratulations!!!! He is such a beautiful boy!!!! And you know what? I am expecting my little baby boy in 1 1/2 month!!! I send you all my love and my best wishes to your beautiful family!!! Give mr little one a big kiss from me!


    14. [...] most significant personal transition that happened in April, when Husband and I became parents to baby yellowtrace. Oh my, what a ride. And whilst I’ve been adjusting to my new life and the delicious chaos [...]

    15. sara says:

      Congrats ,..
      after 3 months , I will become mother like you .. and I will have little baby as beautiful as luka .. wishing you a happy life .. ♥♥

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