• Visionary Styling, Set Design and Interiors by Studiopepe, Milano.

    Posted on 19th December, by Dana Tomić Hughes in installations, interior design, set design + styling. 4 Comments


    Just like many other design nutbags out there, I have been a huge fan of Studiopepe‘s work for a number of years. Established in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, graduates from the highly acclaimed Politecnico di Milano, Studiopepe’s multidisciplinary approach to interiors, styling and set design has won the hearts of the most important magazines around the world and some of the biggest and best known design brands. It is not difficult to see why – Studiopepe’s work is nothing short of visionary. For my money, their edgy and spirited creations define and set the (almost) unattainable benchmark in the world of set design and styling.



    There is a depth and complexity in what these girls do, which runs much deeper than the unique and powerful aesthetic they portray – each image can be observed over and over until the multiple layers reveal themselves to the viewer. Their work captures the very spirit of creativity, with a touch of irony and the surreal, a sprinkle of magic and wonder, and a whole lot of love, style and passion. This, here, is where it is at people!!

    I am super duper inspired, can you tell? I feel like I should swear to illustrate exactly how much their work moves me. F*ck yeah! Ok… That’s better.


    [Images courtesy of Studiopepe.]

  • 4 Responses to “Visionary Styling, Set Design and Interiors by Studiopepe, Milano.”

    1. Nick says:

      Super hot post today! I love the endless inspirational content here on yellowtrace. F*ck yeah!

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