• Vince Contarino.

    Posted on 31st August, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art. 7 Comments

    Split Decision, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 40” x 34”

    Untitled (1), 2009, acrylic on paper, 10.75” x 9”

    Old Black, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 60” x 50”

    Untitled (4), 2011, acrylic on paper, 10” x 8.5”

    Altar, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 18″

    Organ Donor, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 18”

    Turn Blue, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 40” x 34”

    Untitled (9), 2011, acrylic on paper, 10.75” x 9”

    Better Half, 2009, acrylic on canvas over panel, 36” x 48”

    Untitled (8), 2011, acrylic on paper, 10.75” x 9”

    Playground, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 18”

    Untitled (12), 2011, acrylic on paper, 10.75” x 9”

    I am seriously in love with these beautiful paintings by Brooklyn based artist Vince Contarino. Vince somehow manages to make the abstract appear more tangible through his use of geometry, proportion and delicious colours. I really loved seeing the way he approaches each painting by first drawing it with graphite on paper – see below.

    Visit his website for more fantastic examples of his work.


    Process – Drawing Selections, 2004-2009, graphite on paper.

    [All images via Vince Contarino.]

  • 7 Responses to “Vince Contarino.”

    1. I really love these and feel so proud that Vince, like me, lives in Brooklyn.


    2. Kate says:

      Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful.
      I want them all!

    3. yellowtrace says:

      Kate, I was actually thinking of you when putting this post together. True story.

    4. Kate says:

      Were you checking which one I wanted for my birthday?!

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    7. Marta Montminy says:

      Amazing work. As Michael in the comment above says this is really art that needs to be framed and exhibeted in spacious gallery. Hope to see this work in Germany once.

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