Boxing Life, 2009. Private penthouse in Turin, Italy.


Casa Andrea, 2007.  Apartment in Turin, Italy.


Emotion vs Reason, 2009. Private penthouse in Turin, Italy.


Studio UdA offices in Turin, 2008. Now that’s one sexy workplace.


Alice in Wonderland, 2008. Apartment in Turin, Italy.


UdA | Ufficio di Architettura was founded in 1992 in Turin by Valter Camagna, Massimiliano Camoletto and Andrea Marcante. The three partners collaborate with a team of architects, designers and graphic illustrators who come from many backgrounds and nationalities. Among them is one of their key interior designers by the name of Adelaide Testa.

UdA’s work has been described as “ultra sophisticated architecture with a specific concern for sensory perceptions, materials, light and surface.”

I call it shit hot design with truckload of personality.

I am in love with their style and approach which is playful and serious in equal measure, rigorous and incoherent, calculated and improvised…

Extreme love!


Matryoshka, 2010. Apartment in Turin, Italy.


Sano Deli, 2009 – concept store dedicated to healthy and traditional Italian food. Ibiza, Spain.


Lofr Susymax, 2006. Private apartment in a 1920’s building in Turin, Italy.


[Images courtesy of UdA | Ufficio di Architettura.]

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