These super beautiful and elegant wall and floor sculptures by Graz-born Vienna-based Tillman Kaiser are from the artist’s recent solo show titled ‘The Truth And The Abstract Blues’ held at the Wilkinson Gallery in London.

I am a huge fan of the multilayered techniques used in some of the pieces – they are such a lovely combination of intricately painted canvas and cardboard, interesting patterns and complex geometries. Ahh.. Patterns and geometry. A match made in heave, no? They should seriously get married and have babies. Errr… oh yeah – they already did that. I think their kids are called geometric patterns. Wah! Anyway, what the… Enough of the silly talk.

I find Tillman’s wall pieces seriously mesmerising. Almost hypnotic. If you stare at them long enough you can almost see them spin like shifting shapes of kaleidoscopes. Extreme love!

[Images courtesy of Wilkinson Gallery, via Lustik.]

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