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    The Slow and Green // Yoyogi Village by Kurkku | Guest Post by Pleat Farm.

    15th May

    ‘Retail villages’ have been an emerging occurrence in Tokyo as of recently, and Yoyogi Village is one such concept which integrates a green, slow space/ sanctuary with an exclusive retail experience for the sophisticated urban crowd. The urban oasis is the brainchild of two high-profile music creatives Takeshi Kobayashi and Shinichi Osawa, and the two visionaries branded themselves as “Kurkku’ for this venture. Helming the overall architecture is interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall in collaboration with ‘plant hunter’ and landscape designer Seijun Nishihata…

    Inside // Outside | Guest Post by Pages From My Moleskine.

    4th May

    Hello yellowtracers! I’m Ella, an architect from Melbourne and blogger at pages from my moleskine. I’m so excited to be here while Dana spends some time with her newest little friend.

    Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors has long been a recurring theme in architecture and interiors. It’s a rather fantastical notion to have the comfort and protection of the indoors whilst being immersed in the freshness and wonder of the great outdoors. Why not have our cake and eat it too, right? This is a collection of projects that take the task of merging inside and outside rather seriously. They explore the possibilities; how the outdoors can creep in from beneath, press hard up against the walls and windows, be sliced through the middle, hang suspended from above, pierce through the structure or be woven into the building fabric…

    Garden Apartment | Paris, France.

    11th January

    Ok… So… If someone told me that the image above was of an apartment interior, I would have told them to piss off. Quite seriously. But it turns out that I would have been wrong. Yes, believe it or not, this happens on an occasion, but it is extremely rare. Me being wrong that is…

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