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    Gallery Post // 20sqm Multifunctional Artist Studio by Raanan Stern.

    27th June

    This multifunctional Artist Studio by Raanan Stern is an incredibly versatile 20sqm workspace, featuring a large storage unit split into four areas.

    Yochai Matos Light Installations.

    30th September

    Yochai Matos is a Tel Aviv based artist who creates mesmerising sculptural installations, made primarily from fluorescent tube lighting. Since graduating in 2004 from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Matos’ work has dealt with public space as property. His installation take place both on the streets and inside the established art institutions…

    Avigdor 22 Event Space by Pitsou Kedem Architects // Tel Aviv, Israel.

    2nd August

    Avigdor 22 is contemporary event space, designed by Pitsou Kedem in collaboration with Dan Troim Architecture. Unlike the unfortunate images conjured up in my mind at the thought of event venues, at Avigdor 22 there are no hints of unnecessary frills, generic furniture, over-designed carpet, ceilings plagued with ugly bulkheads and predictable lame-ass lighting. No sir! This space is all about crisp lines, high ceilings, abundance of concrete and steel, with elegantly utilitarian furniture. A perfect place for a histper Bar Mitzvah…

    Handmade Lighting by Asaf Weinbroom.

    17th July

    Asaf Weinbroom is an young industrial designer from Tel Aviv who established his studio in 2009, offering lighting design, production and manufacture. Superb craftsmanship combined with unconventional detailing and use of materials are the hallmark of Weinbroom’s work. His lights often transform commonplace finishes and elevate them to new heights, mixing the use of high and low materials like timber, Corian, brass, laminate, copper, and glass…

    House 1 by Pitsou Kedem // Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

    31st May

    House 1 by Tel Aviv-based architecture studio Pitsou Kedem is an interesting little beast. To me it looks like a slightly offbeat marriage between the signature modernist aesthetic and the 80s. I know what you’re thinking – how can that be? Well, the way I look at it, the modernist part is expressed through elegant proportions, abundance of glass, super straight lines and a streamlined look where everything aligns perfectly to the point of being slightly obsessive. The 80s vibe is channelled in the strong geometric grid created by the use of white bricks, mirrored light over the dining table and most importantly – those venetian blinds…

    R1T Apartment by Paritzki Liani Architects // Tel Aviv, Israel.

    16th July

    Oh yeah – how about we launch into this week with a super sexy ceiling? Located on the twenty-first floor of a tower block in the southern part of Tel Aviv, this apartment by Paritzki Liani Architects features a super slick PVC ceiling which reflects the panoramic views of Tel Aviv harbour back into the apartment. Sheer stroke of genius!

    This ceiling singlehandedly manages to manipulate our perception of the overall apartment volume. It also allows amazing transitions of moods and colours to occur within the space depending on parts of the day, the weather, the seasons…

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