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    Stylist Susanna Vento | Guest Post by The Minimalist.

    9th May

    Leah here again from The Minimalist with my second post. Susanna Vento is my style hero. This Finnish stylist has a signature pure and minimalist eye like no other. Through her work she aims to startle the viewer while offering inspiring tips for their own interior and helping them break free of a boring, uniform homes…

    Educational Centre En El Chaparral by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda | Guest Post by Plenty of Colour.

    8th May

    Hello everyone! Chloé from Plenty of Colour here again. I love when light and colour are combined in architecture, don’t you? Changing weather, seasons and settings mean light dances across buildings in ever-changing and dynamic ways. Spanish architect Alejandro Muñoz Miranda designed this kindergarten in Granada, Spain around a central courtyard or playground that serves as the heart of the centre. With a striking and modern white exterior, the school features frameless rainbow windows in communal spaces like hallways while leaving the glass in classrooms colourless. The result is corridors full of dazzling, multi-coloured light that is constantly changing as the sun moves during the school day…

    Inside // Outside | Guest Post by Pages From My Moleskine.

    4th May

    Hello yellowtracers! I’m Ella, an architect from Melbourne and blogger at pages from my moleskine. I’m so excited to be here while Dana spends some time with her newest little friend.

    Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors has long been a recurring theme in architecture and interiors. It’s a rather fantastical notion to have the comfort and protection of the indoors whilst being immersed in the freshness and wonder of the great outdoors. Why not have our cake and eat it too, right? This is a collection of projects that take the task of merging inside and outside rather seriously. They explore the possibilities; how the outdoors can creep in from beneath, press hard up against the walls and windows, be sliced through the middle, hang suspended from above, pierce through the structure or be woven into the building fabric…

    A Danish Home | Guest Post by FrenchByDesign.

    3rd May

    Bonjour! I am Si, from the FrenchByDesign blog. I have a thing for Scandinavian design. There is something in the always impeccable Scandinavian interiors that just speaks to me and never fails to attract me. This flat is no exception. Shot by ultra talented Copenhagen based Line Klein and styled by Helen Wiggers for Alt Interiors Magazine, this home exhibits great classic pieces of modern design, art mixed with lots of personal touches…

    Paintings by Gregory Thielker | Guest Post by The Artful Desperado.

    1st May

    Yes. These are paintings. No. We are not kidding. Yes, we know. You are jealous. So are we.

    Gregory Thielker is the mega talented artist behind these master pieces of windshield realism. There’s always something special about artists that turn gloomy/dark daily happenings into smashing pieces of art, helping you see the beauty hidden in them. Gregory is one of these artists and I think he totally nailed it…

    Vintage Knoll Catalogue | Guest Post by Luke Moloney.

    30th April

    What I love about much of Knoll’s furniture is that to me, it appears timeless. Paradoxically, what I enjoy most about these photos is that they are, without question, dated.

    These photos are a period piece. There’s a comfortable opulence captured here that speaks of a way of life, manner of styling, and an interior aspiration that isn’t how we roll any more – though perhaps I’m not hanging out with the right Double Bay grannies. If the people from early 80s LeSpecs catalogues had great houses stuffed with Saarinen furniture, they’d probably look a bit like this…

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