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    La Mise en Abîme by Romain Crelier at Bellelay Abbey // Switzerland.

    12th August

    At the Bellelay Abbey (Abbatiale de Bellelay), lost in deepest darkest Switzerland, a mesmerizing installation of Romain Crelier’s work is on display until September 16th. Crelier is a Swiss artist who explores many techniques, amongst them beautifully ghostly reflections. Entitled La Mise en Abîme, the installation comprises two large, extremely precise and impeccably finished receptacles in which vast quantities of used oil are contained…

    HAY 2012 Catalogue Styling | Guest Post by Plenty of Colour.

    23rd May

    Hello everyone! Chloé from Plenty of Colour here again. I have always loved great set designs/styling and it feels like more and more, shops and makers have embraced finding unique ways to showcase their products and overall brands. A pure white background and great photography will always be classic but there are endless innovative styling oppourtunities to be explored. One company that often grabs my eye in that department is HAY, a Danish furniture company…

    By Hand | Guest Post by Pages From My Moleskine.

    22nd May

    Ella here again of pages from my moleskine. Dana is still busy laying the foundations for design-eagle-eye junior (it’s no easy feat) so I’m hanging around for one more post.

    Today I’ll be talking hand drawings. I’ve witnessed many designers gush about hand drawings with an adoration normally reserved for a firstborn. Despite this, presentation hand drawings are disappearing from the architectural landscape. The sad reality is, they aren’t as zippy-zoo as a computer generated image. So in this age, where immediacy is king, we’re saying sayonara to manual drawing. Such a shame, as hand drawings can communicate a warmth and intimacy that computer renders so often struggle to do. Hand drawings are so engaging because of that palpable evidence of the human hand…

    Favourite Quotes | Guest Post by FrenchByDesign.

    17th May

    Bonjour! It’s Si here again from the FrenchByDesign. Dana asked me to compile a selection of quotes I posted on my blog in the last few months. People often ask me why I post so many quotes…. For some reason, I have a thing for quotes – not the typical inspirational quotes that are supposed to uplift you spiritually, but plain logical, rational, common sense, generally uncensored and most of the time humorous quotes from famous or not-so-famous people…

    The Slow and Green // Yoyogi Village by Kurkku | Guest Post by Pleat Farm.

    15th May

    ‘Retail villages’ have been an emerging occurrence in Tokyo as of recently, and Yoyogi Village is one such concept which integrates a green, slow space/ sanctuary with an exclusive retail experience for the sophisticated urban crowd. The urban oasis is the brainchild of two high-profile music creatives Takeshi Kobayashi and Shinichi Osawa, and the two visionaries branded themselves as “Kurkku’ for this venture. Helming the overall architecture is interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall in collaboration with ‘plant hunter’ and landscape designer Seijun Nishihata…

    Ashkan Honarvar’s Vanitas Collages | Guest Post by The Artful Desperado.

    14th May

    I have a slight (borderline clinical condition) addiction to collages. Pattern, colour, texture – what’s not to like!

    One of my favorite collage artists is Ashkan Honarvar. He’s a genius when it comes to communicating social issues through images. In his series Vanitas, Ashkan teams up with stylist Kathi Kauder and photographer Sabrina Theissen (two other artful aces!) to depict the equilibrium between life and death and “the instincts that guide people under extreme circumstances”…

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    Video // ‘Folded Light, Folded Shadow’ by Yuko Nishimura.

    Yuko Nishimura is a Japanese artist who specialises in abstract, large-scale paper sculptures that create shifting visual effects with patterns & folds.
    JOINT Cafe & Workspace by 56thStudio // Bangkok, Thailand.

    Next time I hear someone whinge about how hard it is to design a good-looking workspace on a budget, I'll personally bitch-slap them across...
    Sculptural Geometric Lighting by Bec Brittain.

    Bec Brittain is a Brooklyn-based lighting designer who draws upon a varied professional and educational background of architecture, philosophy, and product design. Brittain studied...