Remember my post last week on three products on my lust list? Well… that post, and more specifically those crazy  QUELLE FÊTE (II) melting disco balls are what reminded me to blog about this cooltown installation by Studio Bertjan Pot. Because those big shiny melting balls feature in this very interior (oh stop it, how else would you describe them?!)

This is what Studio Bertjan Pot have to say about the project:

“The more defined a design brief, the easier it is to design a product. When having doubts you just choose for the most practical solution. Nevertheless, ‘practical’ is not the best-chosen characteristic to describe ‘Stairway to heaven’. I mean; a safety-ladder lit with carnival lights hanging from the ceiling, how functional is that?”

“The choices made during the design process are though. It all started with a new safety ladder we ordered for the studio and carnival lights we used for a different project. When they arrived it suddenly seemed like the perfect illogical combination to make. Rawness and glitter. ‘Stairway to heaven’ became a brilliant and attractive object, there to illuminate an Industrial theater-café in Schiedam, The Wennekerpand.”


This project was recently shortlisted in FRAME moooi award 2012.

[via Studio Bertjan Pot.]

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