• Singapore Apartment by Tristan & Juliana.

    Posted on 15th February, by Dana Tomić Hughes in interior design. 9 Comments


    Ok, so here’s the thing – I believe that this is one of the most conservative interiors I’ve ever posted here on yellowtrace. I never really think about the “style” of what I post about – I either love it or hate it and decide based on my gut. However, seeing the images of this particular apartment actually made me realise that I don’t really share too many examples of conservative interiors. Do you agree? Yes? No? Anyway, I TOTALLY agree with myself and that’s all that matters. Ha!



    So back to our interior du Jour. Located in Singapore’s Brookvale Park, this 150sqm apartment was completed back in 2009. There is a lot to love about this place - hierarchy of spaces achieved through the interplay of volumes, cool and sophisticated palette with just the right amount of warmth, a celebration of craft and refined detailing at every junction… You know, this apartment a bit like a classic Armani suit, a Hermes Birkin Bag or a Burberry trench – classic, timeless, understated, and a total investment (in other words, expensive like poison – but it’s ok – cause it goes with everything and lasts for, like, eva!)


    [via ArchDaily. Photos © Rupert Singleton.]

  • 9 Responses to “Singapore Apartment by Tristan & Juliana.”

    1. I’m thinking you should post more conservative style homes. This one is a doozy!!

    2. gavin says:

      …It’s not so conservative, more restrained. Needs more personality for me to love it but all the finishes look nice.

    3. Christine says:

      I must be conservative–but I’m loving this home!

    4. Sarita says:


    5. Joy says:

      I love it. The black shelves are making my head spin.

    6. Kate says:

      I agree with Gavin, in that it’s very restrained. Everything looks like it’s of beautiful quality and finish – and that it’s been styled to an inch of its life with all personal effects hidden. It’s really lovely but it would be nice to see it with a little of the personality of the occupiers.

    7. Maxine Pyke says:

      The apartment is okay but you are FABULOUS!!! You make me smile every day.

    8. [...] Image Source: Freshome, Design Milk, Steve Hermann Design,  Architectural Digest,  Yellowtrace [...]

    9. Simple elegance is a good thing! Who is the bathroom shower by? Thanx

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