• Rozzi’s Italian Canteen by Mim Design // Melbourne.

    Posted on 17th June, by Dana Tomić Hughes in interior design. 10 Comments

    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.

    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.

    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.


    I must admit that today’s post is somewhat long overdue. This submission hit my inbox a little while ago, however due to my constant struggle with time management – slash – major submission backlog, it’s taken me a couple of months to bring you the story. Huge thanks goes out to the team over at Mim Design for their patience and cooperation, and also for sharing their delicious drawings and renders with us today (see bottom of the post). I am always quite surprised how many designers are reluctant to share their process and sketches. No matter what they look like, drawings are one of the most important parts of the design process, and not only that – they are also a wonderful celebration of our craft as designers. I literally squeal with excitement over other people’s sketches. To me they are pure gold. Are you the same, or is it just me and my Yellowtrace ways…? Anyway, let’s get into this project already!


    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.

    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.

    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.


    Rozzi’s Italian Canteen reflects the heart and soul of Italian style food, showcased in a friendly, home-style kitchen environment. The brief from the client was to create an interior that reflected the menu and the modern authentic product used throughout. It was also important that Rozzi’s customers took ownership and “lived” in the space, making it their own kitchen. Timber floors combined with custom detailed concrete tiles work to anchor the venue. The bar, central to the interior, is clad in Atlantic blue granite which offsets the surrounding white glazed bricks and soft black joinery. A series of custom designed pendants, shaped from original Italian wine carafes and oil bottles, line the opening aperture of the venue creating a soft, glowing look. Congratulations to the team at Mim Design for achieving a clean, fresh and contemporary approach to Nonna’s traditional kitchen.

    Below is a little Q&A with the designers.

    SUPPLIERS - CDK StonePGR Furniture / Bespoke Tiles / Timber Floor Services (TFS) / Euroa Glazed Bricks / Rock MartinMeizaiDefazio



    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.

    Rozzi's Italian Canteen in Melbourne by Mim Design | Yellowtrace.


    + What was your design inspiration for this project – i.e was it a result of client’s brief, an image, a concept idea?

    Our inspiration was a combination of a number of things – client brief, authentic representation of the brand & it’s values, classic Italian ideals, nonna’s kitchen, produce (food and coffee) as hero, simple, honest and with a sense of humour.

    + Your favourite thing about this project?

    Working with such a great client/s & the custom coloured tiles.

    + Most challenging aspect?

    It was done over the Christmas shutdown and there were tight time constraints.

    + What did you learn during the project?

    The average wait for a coffee should be no more than 4 minutes.

    + Would you have done anything differently?

    We would have loved more time!

    + Any interesting/ funny/ quirky facts you could tell us?

    The following quote is featured on the façade wall “se non alimentare il cane va in cerca de cibo della porta accanto”. It translates to “If you do not feed the dog, the dog goes in search of food next door.”


    [Photography by Shannon McGrath. Images courtesy of Mim Design.]

  • 10 Responses to “Rozzi’s Italian Canteen by Mim Design // Melbourne.”

    1. Lauren says:

      There are some seriously talented staff at MIM and it’s so cool of them to show their drawings, they’re amazing!

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    3. Melinda says:

      Very dramatic renders, can MIM give away what software they like to use?

    4. Wow! I agree with Lauren. Some fantastic design here, and for a canteen? I’m sure a place like this will return a great profit. Well done to MIM.

    5. mim says:

      Hi Melinda, our renders are good old hand drawn with photoshop, something we love to do!!!

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    7. Communiday says:

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    9. Hayden says:

      It’s great to see such amazing work from interior design professionals. We only do interior plastering and hope to someday be able to capture the look of MIM’s projects. Amazing

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