• Roderick Vos // Dutch Product Designer & His Rocking Showroom in Den Bosch.

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    Roderick Vos Showroom | Yellowtrace

    Roderick Vos with his wide Claire in their incredible showroom. How about that wicked centrepiece? It’s a Thin Black Line overload!

    Roderick Vos Showroom | Yellowtrace

    Roderick Vos Showroom | Yellowtrace


    The smokin’ hot showroom by Dutch designer Roderick Vos is full of awesome products and extreme moments of beauty at every corner. Everything about this place is a total knockout! Part workplace and part store, this design forward showroom is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), a small town outside of Eindhoven, and is full to the brim with products exclusively designed by Roderick himself.

    One of Vos’ most recent products is the ‘Bucketlight’ hanging plant fixture – a series of cast aluminium lamp housings which incorporate overhead lighting and plug sockets for a space-saving approach to adding greenery to the office. “The presence of plants bring a positive change to the working environment, plants have a positive effect on the sense of wellbeing; tropical plants emit oxygen, clean the air and increase productivity. Because we did not have enough floor space at our office and showroom, the bucket light was born – we created sockets in the objects enabling us to connect our computers with our workstations, avoiding heaps of tangled cords,” explains Vos.


    Bucketlight by Roderick Vos | Yellowtrace

    Bucketlight by Roderick Vos combines plant pots, lighting and power sockets. 

    Bucketlight by Roderick Vos | Yellowtrace

    Roderick Vos Showroom | Yellowtrace

    Roderick Vos Showroom | Yellowtrace

    Vertical green wall provides  a perfect contrast to the gloss red Vos Shu table. On the window sill is Gili Vaas in green.

    Roderick Vos Showroom | Yellowtrace


    The entire showroom space is nothing short of breathtaking – from the highly sculptural circular staircase with cut-outs in the risers, to the generous amount of green coverage via the Bucketlights and the lush vertical green wall. Vos and his wife Claire felt it was important to create a user-friendly showroom so the products could be seen together and in use.

    To Roderick Vos, a well designed product should have a memorable process for the designer, and become meaningful for it’s user. “Good design should be self-explanatory, combining form and function.” This is precisely why we think Roderick Vos Rocks. Hard.


    [Photography by Rene van der Hulst. Art direction by Petra Janssen/ Studio Boot. Images courtesy of Roderick Vos.]


  • 2 Responses to “Roderick Vos // Dutch Product Designer & His Rocking Showroom in Den Bosch.”

    1. deborah says:

      Great post – love the aesthetic and the plant holders that are lights have blown my mind.

    2. 2moiselles says:

      Amazing showroom!!

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