• “Poetic Cosmos of the Breath” by Tomás Saraceno.

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    Poetic Cosmos of the Breath, Tomas Saraceno, 2007. Photos by David Cottridge.


    1,248 points if you already knew this is the second time I’m posting about Tomás Saraceno‘s work. Because that would mean you’ve been following this blog since the VERY beginning! (I originally posted about this artist in January 2010.) In that post I only showed a single image of his spectacular installation titled “Poetic cosmos of the breath”, which took place in London’s Gunpowder Park in 2007. I recently came across a few more incredible images of this installation, and here we are again. That’s ok, you can thank me later!

    The installation was launched at dawn on 22nd September 2007. A crowd of people formed around an enormous, iridescent, circular foil that was pinned to the ground with sandbags. Throughout the morning, the “balloon” was gradually filled with warm air which caused it to rise up slowly. The bright colours of the foil gradually intensified with the rising sun. Oh my… So simple and incredibly magical.


    Poetic Cosmos of the Breath, Tomas Saraceno, 2007. Photos by David Cottridge.


    Saraceno trained as an architect before he decided to pursue art full time. His utopian vision is for cities that float in the air, which has lead him to create a series of experimental structures like this one, that can be inhabited and also make use natural energies.

    Check out the YouTube video of Poetic Cosmos of the Breath for more. Very inspiring.

    [Photos by David Cottridge, via The Artist Catalyst.]

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    1. BG says:

      This is just breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing it with us on such a gloomy Sydney morning.

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