T°mida Chair by Pedro Paulo Venzon | Yellowtrace

Young Brazilian Product Designer Pedro Paulo Venzon.

When it comes to furniture design, this young Brazilian is totally smashing it out of the ballpark. Pedro Paulo Venzon has a unique style and has been producing minimalist objects and furniture since 2011. He combines Brazil’s love of...
Casa in Via Baccina, Rome by MASSIMO ADARIO ARCHITETTO | Yellowtrace

Casa in Via Baccina, Rome by Massimo Adario Architetto.

Located in Rome in the charming Monti neighbourhood, this renovated Italian apartment has a distinctly 70’s ambience. Massimo Adario Architetto was given the task of taking the original, small apartment and amalgamating the roof terrace,...
Prazeres Building in Lisbon, Portugal by Aurora Arquitectos | Yellowtrace

Prazeres Building in Lisbon, Portugal by Aurora Arquitectos.

Portuguese studio Aurora Arquitectos frequently came across a dilemma when designing and intervening in apartment buildings: in order to have a garden, one must renounce the view, and in turn, to have a view it means being relegated to an...